Ningxia Night Market

Ningxia Night Market is the origin of night markets and the place of delicious food reported by mass media and TV programs. The main food provided here is Taiwanese snack, such as oyster omelet, Taiwanese meatball, chicken rice, and green bean soup. They are all popular food in Ningxia Night Market. Besides, Ningxia Night Market plans the division of people and car so that people and tourists enjoying food here can have fun here safely. Datong District Ningxia Night Market Developing Association was established in August, 2001. The business district of Ningxia Night Market got better planned from then on.

Dadaocheng Wharf

Located near the No. 5 Water Gate on the banks of the Tamsui River, Dadaocheng Wharf thrived in earlier years as an entrepot for trade along the river. Tea, cotton and silk textiles were among the main products bought and sold here, attracting trading companies from across the western world. Dadaocheng's fortunes as a trading center went into decline during the Japanese colonial era. In recent years, however, this area has experienced a revival as a tourism destination, bicycling spot, and departure point for boat tours along the Tamsui River.

Xiahai City God Temple

The century-old Xiahai Chenghuang Temple is host to statues of the City God, his wife, the Chinese Cupid, and 600 other deities. The temple has the highest statue density in Taiwan. Tradition has it that if the statue of Chinese Cupid is standing, he is eagerer to find a good marriage for people. The temple therefore attracts a lot of singles for a significant other Couples visit this temple in search of a smooth going.

Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple

Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple, commonly known as the Dadaocheng Mazu (meaning "Mother-Ancestor") Temple, dedicated to the Tianshang Shengmu (meaning "Heavenly Holy Mother"), the guardian of sailors and also known as Mazu or Tianhou (meaning "Empress of Heaven"), is one of the three main temples in Daodaocheng, along with the Fazhu Temple and the Xia Hai City God Temple.

Dadaocheng Branch of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Situated in Dadaocheng’s historic quarter, the branch of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan was built on a piece of property donated by Li Chun-sheng, a prominent figure in contemporary Taiwan. It is believed that Li modeled the main church structure after Western houses of worship he found in China’s Xiamen area. As part of the Christian outreach efforts in Taiwan, the church installed a main structure in the early days of Japan’s Taisho period, reinforced with premium red bricks, excellent craftsmanship and a West-meets-East façade.

Taiwan New Cultural Movement Museum

Located at the intersection of Ningxia Road and Jinxi Street in the Datong District, Taipei City, what used to be the Taipei North Police Station in the Japanese era has been transformed into the Taiwan New Cultural Movement Museum.

Lee Chun-sheng Memorial Christ Presbyterian Church

This church was built in memory of the famous Dadaocheng tea merchant and ardent philanthropist Lee Chun-sheng. One of the more interesting qualities of the church is the front façade, which resembles a face—the main doorway suggesting a mouth and the two upper windows resembling eyes.


Wang Tea Taipei, founded in 1890, which is located in dadao cheng’s old tea zone. Wang Tea used to be a manufacturer and wholesaler for tea but has been transformed into a production, sales, and educational venue in 2004. We further created a new room, designing a space to “interact with tea”.

Yongle Fabric Market

Yongle Fabric Market is the largest of its kind in Taiwan. It is where you'll be dazzled with all types of beautifully made fabrics and experience the vibrant market scene. Whether it's imported or local designs, the customers will always find the pattern they are looking for.